Student Alumni Board

The Student Alumni Board (SAB) is a leadership development organization sponsored by the OSU Alumni Association. This select group of OSU students is chosen for excellence in scholarship and leadership and for genuine interest in assisting the Alumni Association in its activities. SAB is known as OSU’s premier campus leadership organization.

Student Alumni Board responsibilities include passing along OSU traditions to students, serving as OSU SAB ambassadors at Alumni and Campus events, speaking at High School Scholar Banquets on behalf of OSU, and planning the annual OSU Legacy Weekend. Specifically, our purposes include:
  • To educate and prepare students for future leadership roles in support of Oklahoma State University and the OSU Alumni Association

  • To provide students an opportunity to serve the University through meaningful programs of service that will enhance their understanding of the importance of external relations to the OSU Alumni Association and Oklahoma State University as well as the role former students play through financial and leadership support.

  • To provide students an opportunity to interact with University administrators and alumni leaders, and to offer students who have demonstrated leadership potential direct access to and involvement in Alumni Association programs.