Job Opportunities

Any open Alumni Association job or internship opportunities will be listed below. Visit for employment opportunities available with Oklahoma State University.
Application Developer
Date Posted: 7/24/2017
The Application Developer will provide daily assistance with information systems and software items within the office, while managing the data outputs of the various daily processes and automation. In collaboration with the current Systems Developer, this person will assist with all sustaining processes, which occur from database entry to membership fulfillment. This position will assist with records management, in-office questions, problem solving, list requests and data analytics. Learn More >>

Coordinator of Communications
Date Posted: 6/15/2017
The Coordinator of Communications develops marketing and communications that support the purpose and core values of the Alumni Association. The Coordinator of Communications will maintain the image of the organization through journalistic and news writing, while providing editorial content for various media including STATE magazine, OrangeBytes electronic newsletters, and program and event marketing campaigns. This position will also assist in building relationships with university communication partners. Learn More >>

Coordinator of Social Media
Date Posted: 6/15/2017
The Coordinator of Social Media supports the purpose and core values of the Alumni Association by creating and maintaining a strong online presence using new technologies and trends. The Coordinator of Social Media is responsible for developing original content and suggesting creative ways to promote the Alumni Association’s events and programs via various social media channels and the mobile app through the creation of digital video, images, text and graphics. The position will be responsible for monitoring and engaging key audiences on all Alumni Association digital platforms, as well as evaluating website, social media and mobile app analytics to implement new strategies to improve key metrics.  
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More Information: Christy Confer, Director of Human Resources | 405.744.6366 |