Alumni Email

Alumni Association members are eligible to request an Alumni Email account with an email address. These accounts utilize Google's web-based email program, which will provide users with more than six gigabytes of storage, fast Google searches and powerful spam protection.

An active membership is required to sign up for an account, but the address is yours to keep for life thereafter. Alumni Email addresses are a great way to show the world your alumni status from Oklahoma State University!


Sign up for an Alumni Email address online. You will be asked to login to an account with an active Alumni Association membership. Registration requires you select a username for your account i.e. You may use any username provided it has not already been taken.


If you have questions about signing up or are having problems accessing your account, contact Lacy Branson at 405.744.3704.

Common FAQs

Q: Do I keep my address when I graduate?
A: Yes, OSU graduates can now maintain access to their CowboyMail or OrangeMail accounts.

Q: Is Alumni Email tied to addresses?
A: No, accounts from the Alumni Association are separate from OSU.

Click here for more FAQs and instructions on how to access Alumni Email from a browser, tablet or smart phone.