About Us

The Oklahoma State University Alumni Association is a self-governed association incorporated under the laws of the State of Oklahoma and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization.

The Alumni Association was formally organized on June 8, 1897, when the graduates of the Class of 1896, OSU’s first graduating class, returned to the campus and inducted members of the Class of 1897 into the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College Alumni Association. The Association was first incorporated in 1920 as the Alumni Corporation and again in 1929 as the Former Students Association. Finally, in 1955 it was incorporated with a new constitution and bylaws as the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College Alumni Association. The name was changed in 1957 to the Oklahoma State University Alumni Association, reflecting the University’s new name.

The Alumni Association represents more than 230,000 alumni, students and friends with programs for Cowboys of all ages. Through the Alumni Association, Cowboys get involved with the OSU family, stay informed of alumni and campus news, give back to support university iniatitives, and show their pride in America's brightest orange.

Our Core Purpose

 "Engage alumni, students and friends to experience lifelong connections to the Alumni Association, Cowboy Family and Oklahoma State University."

Our Core Values

We live to serve, and we lead to serve. We serve our university. We serve our members. We serve our alumni. We serve our partners. We serve each other. Above all… we serve.

We believe integrity, honor and transparency are fundamental virtues.

We are Loyal and True. Everything we do originates from our love of Oklahoma State University. We strive to facilitate OSU’s greatness and predicate our actions on contributing to the university’s success.

We innovate, explore and create. We never allow “that’s the way it has always been” stand in the way of excellence.

We believe one of OSU’s greatest characteristics is its family culture. We embrace, embody, promote and protect that culture in everything we do.

Our History

The Alumni Association was formally organized by Oklahoma A&M’s first graduating class on June 8, 1897, a year after their graduation. In 1920, it became a self-governed association incorporated under the laws of the state of Oklahoma as the Alumni Corporation after formally adopting a constitution and bylaws on May 22. That same year, the Association initiated Homecoming, the A&M Boomer magazine, county and city alumni clubs, support for Old Central and life memberships. An annual membership in 1920 cost only $3.

1929 saw the Association’s first name change to the Former Students Association and the first publication of the magazine. The Association moved into Old Central in 1930 where it would be housed until the Student Union opened in 1950.

One year later, several other new programs were implemented, including class reunions, fundraising for the football stadium, and a push to create a Board of Regents. Membership also reached 2,000 in 1931.

The Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges Board was finally created in 1944 followed by the Alumni Hall of Fame in 1955. That same year, the Association was incorporated with a new constitution and bylaws as the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College Alumni Association.

On July 1, 1957, OAMC officially became Oklahoma State University and the Alumni Association’s name was changed to reflect that of the school’s, becoming what we know today as the Oklahoma State University Alumni Association.

Outstanding seniors were first recognized by the Association in 1960 and the Distinguished Alumni Award was created in 1977. These two awards, coupled with Hall of Fame, have continued to showcase new graduates and outstanding alums alike for more than four decades.

The Student Alumni Board was created in 1988 as a means to tie current OSU students in with the Alumni Association and foster connections between the alumni and the students. In 1996, the Association reached out to the Oklahoma Legislature with the creation of Cowboys for Higher Education, a program designed to promote the interests of OSU at the state capitol.

Membership in 2000 increased to more than 32,000 and the Official OSU Class Ring was implemented to connect old and new generations of Cowboys to their alma mater. The first Association website was developed in 2001 and was redesigned in 2006 and again in 2008 to provide increased services and connections online for alumni around the world.

In 2003, the OSU Legacy Program was established for the children and grandchildren of current members. Today, the program is highlighted by the annual Grandparent University held in June, which places Association members and their legacies in one of several majors for a two-day learning experience on campus.

2005 brought about another move for the Association with the opening of the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center. Located on the historic quadrangle just west of Old Central, the building provides 52,000 square feet of space devoted to alumni, their events and other Association and University activities.

In 2006, the Association was re-aligned with the University to further the interest of both entities and provide maximum benefits to current students and alumni.

For more than 110 years, the OSU Alumni Association has been creating and maintaining Connections for Life between loyal and true alums and Oklahoma State University.


1897: Organization of the Early Alumni Association by first graduate class

1920: Renamed the Alumni Corporation, Charted as a non-profit corporate entity. Programs initiated by the Alumni Corporation: Homecoming, A&M Boomer magazine, County and City Alumni Clubs, Support for Old Central, $3 annual membership fee, Life memberships

1929: Name changed to Former Student Association, First publication of magazine

1930: Former Student Association offices held in Old Central

1931: More Programs implemented: Class reunions, An effort for the Board of Regents, Fundraising for the football stadium, Membership reached 2,000

1944: Board of Regents created

1955: OSU Alumni Hall of Fame established

1957: Name changed to OSU Alumni Association

1960: Started a recognition program for Outstanding Seniors

1970: Renovation of Old Central complete and the Oklahoma Museum of Higher Education was housed in it

1977: Distinguished Alumni Award established

1988: Student Alumni Board created

1996: Cowboys for Higher Education organized

1998: Student membership program launched as Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (now the Student Alumni Association)

2000: Membership increased to more than 32,000, Senior Ring Ceremony implemented

2001: OSU Alumni Association website developed

2003: OSU Legacy Program began, online store established

2005: ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center opens

2006: Alumni Association re-aligns with the University

2008: New orangeconnection.org website launched

2015: Tradition Keepers Program launched