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Welcome home! America's Brightest Orange doesn't just reside in Stillwater anymore. More than 80 percent of OSU alumni live within 50 miles of our 100 chapters and watch clubs. The Alumni Association also has affinity chapters, corporate chapters and alumni societies for each OSU college and campus.

There has never been a better time to engage with Cowboys like you or those in your area! Last year, our chapters and groups hosted more than 900 events providing networking opportunities to more than 25,000 attendees. Connect with a chapter or group below, or learn how to start your own!

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Use the table below to look up and connect with OSU alumni chapter or groups, which are grouped by four categories: geographic, affinity, corporate and college. The listing may be changed by selecting a different tab.

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Locations below with a icon host watch parties for televised OSU games. Visit our watch party page to view upcoming televised games along with locations hosting watch parties. Go Pokes!

Start a Chapter/Group

The Alumni Association has helped OSU graduates and friends form more than 50 new groups in the past three years! Complete our new location form to start the process of locating Cowboys in your area and forming an organized group.

Geographic Chapters

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Click on a group's name to view its homepage (if available).

Contact: Rami Jasser/ Glenn Olson

Contact: Scot Gilpin

Contact: Johnathon Frost

AR-Conway/Little Rock

Contact: Emily Joyce

Contact: Kyle Richardson

Contact: Scot Harlow

Contact: TBD

Contact: Jody Blaylock

Contact: Joshua Chambers

Contact: Casey Henricks

Contact: Matt Kolb

Contact: Allison Escott

Contact: Jennifer Glenn

Contact: Ryan Voegeli

Contact: Alan Tenzythoff

Contact: David Brown

Contact: Ken Cuyler

Contact: Jewell Hunt

Contact: Jesse Burk

Contact: Barry Bruner

Contact: Taryn Couchman-Cates

Contact: Ellen Sprehe

Contact: Adam Nagele

Contact: Mike Richards

Contact: Jake Price

Contact: Ashley Coles

Contact: Amanda Van Matre

Contact: Christina Lawson

Contact: Michael Ward

Contact: Warren Lain

Contact: Elly Drain & Meghan Bartow

Contact: Michele Gunkelman

Contact: Phillip Rerat

Contact: Shane Smith

Contact: Jessica Hill

Contact: Matthew Smart

Contact: Jeanie Brown

Contact: Mike Pool

Contact: Mike Callaham

Contact: Lance Frazier

Contact: Carrie Trentham

Contact: Katie McCollom

Contact: Greg Brown

Contact: Bill Jameson

Contact: Dustin Tackett

Contact: Kaleb Hennigh

Contact: Sherre Wolfe

Contact: Joe Abshere

Contact: Cale Walker

Contact: Bill Schutte

Contact: Cindy Clayton

Contact: Tristan Brown

Contact: Scott Grunewald

Contact: Alicia Jackson

Contact: Marc Wilson

Contact: Shane Smith

Contact: Mary Ellen Keeter

Contact: Tom Jackson

Contact: Steve Melton

Contact: Zac Pogue

Contact: Lindsey Treadwell

Contact: Lindsay Cunningham

Contact: Gayle Shriver

Contact: Sarah Smith


Contact: Kerry Shepard

Contact: Julie Graves Wright

Contact: Ray Koons

Contact: JJ Stevak

Contact: Joshua Tucker

Contact: Marc Wilson

Contact: Amy King

Contact: Jim Rhoads

Contact: Allison Hayes

Contact: Bradley Wells

Contact: Keith Hendrickson

Contact: Please email the chapter

Contact: Bob Murphy

Contact: Grant Phillips

Contact: Michael David

Contact: Khirsten TwoCrow

Contact: Michael Lynch

Asian Alumni Society

Contact: Tony Nguyen

Contact: Clinton Wieden

Contact: Sam Combs

O'Colly Alumni Society

Contact: Barbara Allen

Contact: Anna Greene-Hicks

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