OSU master's in business analytics students gain experience by working with companies

For more than seven years, Spears School of Business’s marketing professor Goutam Chakraborty has fostered relationships with companies across Oklahoma through data analytics.

Chakraborty sets up contracts with major companies such as Elevate, OG&E and PennWell and has graduate students research the company's desired projects. The student projects are fully funded assistantships that...(read more)


Improve retention, improve lives: Why student retention is important to society

It's a common issue all universities share, and it's an issue that affects the entire United States.

For years, researchers have looked in to what causes students to drop out of college one factor at a time. Is it difficulty adjusting to college life? Does past academic success contribute? Is it a lack of commitment? Per Oklahoma State University's Dursun Delen, a Regents Professor of management science and information systems, it's all of the above. (read more)

Notable Events

Brad Lawson's research about audit market structure accepted into Accounting Horizons.

Tom Stone publishes research suggesting decline in difference in gender performance.

Entrepreneurship launches I-Corps website, a National Science Foundation program.

Message from
the Deans


 Spears School of Business
 faculty continue to engage in
 and publish about their
 high-impact research...

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Faculty in the News
William Paiva
Center for Health Systems Innovations celebrates new location (Tulsa World)
Rebecca Greenbaum:
We're All Capable of Being an Abusive Boss (Harvard Business Review)
Per Bylund:
Trade Deals and Job Loss: Politicians Have It Wrong (Observer)
Tom Stone:
Gender Differences in Job Performance May Be Declining (Yahoo! Finance)
Faulty Logic of GDP Necessitates an Economic Paradigm Shift (Observer)
Power of Digitized Health Data (Healthcare Tech Outlook)
How Government Regulation Makes Us Poorer (Mises Institute)
Slipping Economic Freedom Rank Gives Entrepreneurs Limited Options (Business 2 Community)

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